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Perfect Commuter Location - Social House Share - rooms & shares - apartment room roommate share rent - craigslist (1)

5BR / 2.5Ba 3000ft2 available may 24

rent period: monthly

private room


no private bath

laundry in bldg


off-street parking

air conditioning

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We're throwing a Cinqo De Mayo Party! Make an appointment for a tour and have a drink on us! If you are a participator, you'll end up with a group of fun roommates.

About the room:

• Bedroom is 11’x10.5 ft. Large House is 3000sqft. Group of family n friends built in!
• East facing, overlooks the back yard and deck.
• Large closet has shelves too.
• Floor was just refinished. New ceiling fan was just installed. New outlets, and new levolor blind.
• Window AC can be installed for your use in summertime.
• Painted in a fun teal blue, with white trim and gray doors. No repainting.
• Furnishings include: Full size bed with gray wooden headboard and footboard and gel memory foam mattress with allergen-waterproof mattress cover. 8-drawer dresser, nightstand. Built in gray wooden desk and cabinets. White leatherette desk chairs, gray rug.

Quick Financials:
• $750 rent, plus $150 utilities per month. For a total of $900 per month.
• 6 month lease minimum. One Full Year or longer lease preferred.
• Application, in-person tour- interview, references and background check needed.
• Last month’s rent and last utilities are due upon lease signing to secure the rental and take it off the market.
• First month’s rent and utilities are due on move in day, and thereafter on the FIRST of each month.
• Rent and separate utilities fee, are due separately, each month on the first of the month.
• No Security Deposit. (Just don't damage stuff, or fees will be assessed.)
• This is a lease, with written notice given a full rental cycle previous (30-days-plus) beforehand required for move out. No partial months.
• Bedroom is FURNISHED as shown. Just bring your personal stuff.
• Cleaning fees, key fees, breakage fees, etc. won't apply if you are neat, careful, and tidy.
• This room legally, is only sized for one-person occupancy. (It’s a state law.)
• Visitors are allowed in your room for 1-2 nights at a time.
• Bathroom upstairs and half bath downstairs are shared. Please keep them clean.
• No pets. Resident cat in house already.
• This large house to share with roommates already has all the dishes, living room furniture, tools, grill, yard toys, etc. - you get use of all the household goods for FREE.
• FREE Off street driveway parking is included. In the winter, shovel your own spot.
• FREE laundry is included.
• FREE storage areas are included.
• FREE cleaning supplies, paper goods, for in-house use included in utilities.• LOCAL COMPS: The going room share rate for a bedroom in this area for a house bedroom is avg. $1200 these days with utilities, so this is a good deal for the north side. A private one-room studio in this area is $1500-$2500, and a private one bedroom apartment to yourself is $1800-$3000, and you’d have to buy all the furniture, dishes and other stuff.

About your new house-mates and social living:
First... because in a shared house... you get family-like, fun roommates, a built in social and support network. Plus, you get soooo much! No need to buy dishes, living room furniture, a grill, or hammock, all the indoor and outdoor things you could want are provided for you! That's thousands of dollars you don't have to spend! You get tons more indoor and outdoor space! And more importantly... you get a fun social atmosphere... with a couple of chill new friends!

To live here, you've gotta be up for:
Sharing a glass of wine beer or Mikes, grilling together on the bbq, movie nights, or a craft nite with roommates. Planning and chipping in for taco nights. Also fun bonfires, or roommate outings together... You're not one to miss out - you're the type that participates. You'll come to the kitchen n hang after work. You'll help set up the bbq. You're the first at the table on game nights. You love hanging with roommates and being like friends and family. You're comfortable socializing with all ages. You like intelligent conversations. You'll be around for nights and weekends fun.
This is a community, not just a room. We have a participation requirement.

More About the house:
• Lots of common rooms to share 5BR Non-smoking large house with large yard in midway between 128 and Worcester.
• Each bedroom (legally sized for one person) has been repainted, with new outlets, and ceiling fans.
• Quiet; Residential are. You'll need a car.
• Social household - participation in group planned events and social hours is expected.
• Large One-Family SMOKE FREE House with two living rooms, two fridges, two microwaves.
• This is a shared house...but we're all so busy, and the house is big... so you'll often have the place to yourself. When you are home.
• Big back deck, with two grills and plenty of tables/chairs.
• Great room has a built-in bar, a 65" 4KTV, and a meditation area.
• Big yard has a backyard fire pit, even a woodsy trail out back hammocks, vegetable patches.
• We're slowly renovating the rest of the interior, and landscaping the exterior - so a chill laid back attitude is needed toward ongoing projects.
• There is plenty of room in our large 6-car driveway.
• One-gig internet wifi, and cable with all the sports channels.
• Hot water, sewer and garbage are included. Other utilities we try to conserve, recycle, etc. to save the environment, and to keep costs down. Paper goods and cleaning supplies are part of the separate flat utilities fee.
• We're neat, but not OCD about it. Everyone cleans up their own mess. Please do your share.
• We reduce, reuse, conserve, recycle and compost. Turn off lights. Trying to save the planet required..
• This sunny, family-friendly, colonial house has hardwood floors throughout, and sunny views of the yard and gardens.
• Shared space includes a large living room with a fireplace and comfy seating, and another 4K TV.
• We have a full modern well-applianced kitchen with a gas range and oven, two fridges, two microwaves, and a toaster oven, and drawer and cabinet space for each roommate.
• Dining amenities include full sets of dishware, utensils, glassware, and pots/pans available for everyone's use. A full dining room and table that seats 6-8, EIK Granite Island that seats 4, a bar in the great room that seats 4, and tons of deck seating.
• This big ½ acre yard has plenty of sunny grassy areas, 2 hammocks, tables and umbrellas, and woodsy shady areas, for all kinds of relaxation. The deck can seat 10 or more, a fire pit with chairs (we've had anywhere from 4 to 30 people around it, 2 grills, and outdoor games for barbecues, and a growing veggie garden.
• The house has five bedrooms, 2 ½ baths, and is zoned for a total capacity of 6 roommates.
• Two heat zones, ceiling fans, and window a/cs keep the house comfortable. (We hardly ever use the a/c as there are ceiling fans, ample windows, and the shade of large pine trees that keep the house cool even on a hot day.)
• Full Basem*nt has lots of storage shelves and free use of HE washer and dryer.
• 2-car garage stores motorcycles, bicycles, garden equipment, and plenty of room for your gear too.
• Also a workshop! Like hobbies? Room in the basem*nt, complete with circular saw, drill press, sander, etc.

More About your room:
• All bedrooms are freshly painted in various shades of light ocean-aqua blue, with charcoal gray doors, silver hardware, white trim, and gray modern refinished hardwood floors. The house has a chill cape cod vibe.
• All bedrooms have ample outlets, decent sized closets, their own individual locks, baseboard heating and ceiling fans.
• Roommates share use of second floor full bath approx 8'x7' with sink, toilet tub/shower, a brand new Npov 2023 light and exhaust fan,and plenty of storage in the cabinets, drawers and linen closet.
• Each bedroom also has assigned storage shelves/cabinets/drawers in the kitchen, coat closets, linen closet, garage and basem*nt.
• We just got a giant brand new sectional couch for the great room. Movie nights are even better!
• Includes shared use of the fully furnished house and large yard filled with entertainment options.
• This is a house-share rental, with extra space and amenities, comes the responsibility of reasonable care of the place, and care toward roommates.

Convenient to most everything that suburban midway central locations (west of 128, east of Worcester) has to offer.
• Very Close to: Routes 20, 30 and 9, Mass Pike. Outside of 128, Near 495.
• Just a few blocks/1 mile to shopping areas, with CVS, Walgreens, Library, Restaurants, Gas, Dunkin Donuts, Convenience stores, etc.
• Just a couple miles (10 mins) from Shoppers World, StopandShop, BJ's, Target, Lowe's, AMC, several Universities, and many stores and restaurants.
• Plenty of great restaurants nearby in including, many Steakhouses, Olive Garden, Uno's, Firefly's, Chill, Bourbons, and plenty of pizza/chinese, and other takeout, to name just a few.
• Nearby many parks, walking Trails, conservation areas (even a beach). Lovely bike rides around lakefront views nearby.
• Nearby Cochituate state park even has boat rentals, kayaking.
• 10 minute drive to the nearest YMCA, various yoga studios, Lifetime Fitness and other gyms.
• 10 minute drive to the nearest University and other colleges.
• Several elementary schools nearby. Close to middle school and high schools. A few blocks from the brand new Library.
• 10-15 minute drive to south several MBTA Commuter Rail stop.
• Just a few miles (20 mins) from the nearest Mall.
• Very close to the Wayland/Sudbury/Marlboro/Southboro town lines, just a few blocks from Route 20 with many shops/restaurants there.
• Within 20 minutes drive of most midway central locations (west of 128, east of Worcester) including: Natick, Wayland, Sudbury, Marlboro, Westboro, Southboro, Northboro, Wellesley, Dover, Sherborn, Weston, Newton, Waltham, Needham, Maynard, Stow, Concord, Ashland, Hudson, Hopkington, Worcester.
• Get into Boston in about 30 minutes from here via Rte 90.

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    Perfect Commuter Location - Social House Share - rooms & shares - apartment room roommate share rent - craigslist (2024)


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