The 9 Best Paleo Flour Recipes Plus a Paleo Baking Flour Blend (2024)

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The following are the 9 best Paleo flour recipes. Paleo flour is a blend of 4 gluten-free flours mixed together which makes one all-purpose Paleo flour. I assume you have seen a lot of Paleo recipes like I have that call for a little almond flour, a little coconut flour, a little tapioca flour, and a little arrowroot flour. Well, I certainly have.

That's because most recipes don't taste good with just one kind of gluten-free flour. Or the texture is just unpalatable. After experimenting, many people have found that a combination of these 4 flours combines the strengths and minimizes the weaknesses of the various flours.

Well, Bob's Red Mill finally figured that out too. They finally make one flour with the best combination of flours which takes the guesswork out of a lot of recipes. Introducing Paleo Flour for baking.

It contains almond flour, arrowroot starch, coconut flour, and tapioca flour. It is a 1:1 replacement for all-purpose flour, whether it be for cakes, cookies, pancakes, etc.

The 9 Best Paleo Flour Recipes Plus a Paleo Baking Flour Blend (1)

I have read reviews about Bob's Red Mill Paleo flour and everyone loves it. Sometimes they just use it in a regular recipe and sub it out instead of wheat flour. They say it cooks to a nice golden brown when they make pancakes. They like it for a lot of different baked goods.

There is one thing they DID NOT LIKE about it. That's the price. When you think about it, it is VERY expensive. Right now it is $15 a pound. That's more than steak; that's ridiculous. I understand that the ingredients are expensive, and I used to bake with it myself until I started making my own.

Any one of those costs less than $15 a pound. Use the recipe and then mix the flours together and store it in an airtight container like you would any single flour. Even better, would be to store it in the freezer so it will last longer and so the almonds won't go rancid. Then when you need it, it's all ready to use.



The 9 Best Paleo Flour Recipes Plus a Paleo Baking Flour Blend (2)

The 9 Best Paleo Flour Recipes Plus a 1:1 Paleo Baking Flour Blend Recipe

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This is a simple blend of four flours that can be used as a 1:1 substitute for all-purpose flour.




  1. Mix all the ingredients together in a large bowl.
  2. Store in an airtight container or freezer.

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Below here are the best recipes that use Paleo flour there are. There aren't very many around. The first two I developed myself and if I say so myself, they are wonderful. I really like Paleo flour. It really does take the guesswork out of a lot of recipes. I think either using Paleo flour that you buy or make on your own is a really good way to go.

Give some of these recipes a try and let me know how you like them. I think you will. I and others would also be interested to know which recipes are your favorites.

What is in Paleo baking flour?

Paleo baking flour is made with just four ingredients. They are almond flour *, arrowroot starch *, tapioca flour *, and coconut flour *.

What kind of flour Can you use on the Paleo diet?

There are many but the main ones that come to mind right now are Almond flour *, Cassava flour *, Hazelnut Flour *, Arrowroot Starch *, Tigernut Flour *, Plantain Flour, and Coconut Flour *. Paleo flour should be added to the list, it's the latest and greatest and not everyone has heard about it yet. It's the perfect combination of almond flour *, arrowroot starch *, tapioca flour *, and coconut flour *.

Is almond flour a good substitute for all-purpose flour?

Almond flour * is Paleo but it can't be substituted for all-purpose flour straight across and neither can any other flour. Gluten-free flour * requires more moisture, some more than others. They also require binders such as xanthan gum. It's best to stick with a tried and true recipe. In fact, I can't think of one Paleo recipe right now that calls for just one flour, the right combination are essential. Get a recipe!

Paleo Flour Recipes

1.The Best Ever Paleo Tortillas - My Natural Family

Paleo Flour - Tapioca Starch - Butter - Real Salt * - Baking Powder

These are really good. I like to have these on hand so I make a bunch of them ahead of time. I use them for all sorts of things like burritos, tacos, wraps, enchiladas, fajitas. Also for breakfast burritos, lunches or between-meal snacks. Sometimes I use them in place of pita bread, naan or even bread.

They are a lot easier to make than bread and they store a lot longer. You could even freeze a bunch of these and use one or two at your convenience. Just put a piece of waxed paper, tin foil or parchment paper between each tortilla so you can get them apart when they are frozen. These are more delicate than regular tortillas because they don't have any gluten. Follow the very specific instructions I have written out on how to roll them out without breaking or tearing.

2.Paleo Sweet Potato Muffins- My Natural Family

Paleo Baking Flour - Sweet Potato - Honey - Coconut Oil - Almond Flour * - Baking Soda - Baking Powder - Real Salt * - Cinnamon - Allspice

These are easy to make especially if you have sweet potatoes leftover from Thanksgiving or another meal. I've also been known to make extra sweet potatoes just so I can have leftovers to make these muffins later. You can also make them with canned sweet potatoes just make sure you buy the right kind.

Read the ingredients and make sure they aren't packed in syrup. Make sure you buy the ones packed in water. Some might have added Splenda * when they do I just rinse it off. I pour the whole can of sweet potatoes into a strainer when it's in the sink. I turn the water on and just rinse them off. It helps get rid of the extra sweetness I don't want.

3.Lemon Blueberry Muffins - Kim's Cravings

Paleo Flour - Real Salt * - Baking Powder - Poppy Seeds - Blueberries - Eggs - Almond Milk - Vanilla - Lemon - Maple Syrup * - Coconut Butter * - Coconut Oil - Lemon Juice

These are made with Paleo flour. Yes, that's what it's called. It's kind of a new thing and I think it's wonderful. It makes Paleo baking a lot easier. You don't have to buy a bunch of different kinds of flour and measure and mix them together. It's already done for you in a great combination. Paleo flour is made with the perfect combination of almond flour *, arrowroot starch *, coconut flour * and tapioca flour *. Give it a try, it could become your new favorite flour. You might use it for all of your baking recipes. An Optional glaze recipe is included and it's Paleo, it looks delicious to me.

4. Chocolate Chip Banana Bread - The Real Simple Good

Bananas - Coconut Sugar * - Vanilla - Paleo Flour - Real Salt * - Baking Soda - Apple Cider Vinegar * - Chocolate Chips

The whole family with enjoy this fall treat. It creates a perfectly balanced buttery texture that's gluten-free, vegan, grain-free and dairy-free. It has a great savory-sweet combination and would be good for dessert a snack or even for breakfast.

5. Paleo Quick Bread - Tasty Kitchen

Paleo Flour - Baking Soda - Salt - Coconut Oil - Water

This is quick way to make Paleo bread. It is a healthy alternative and can be made very quickly in about 30 minutes. This Paleo flour recipe is very affordable and easy to make and takes all the work out of making Paleo bread.

6.Paleo Gingerbread Biscotti - The Clean Eating Couple

Egg - Maple Syrup * - Coconut Oil - Vanilla - Paleo Flour - Baking Soda - Baking Powder - Cinnamon - Ground Ginger - Nutmeg - Cloves

This gingerbread biscotti is a delicious holiday cookie with the perfect amount of crunchiness. They are grain-free, gluten-free and make a yummy festive treat.

7. Pancakes - Bob's Red Mill

Paleo Flour - Baking Soda - Real Salt * - Eggs - Almond Milk - Coconut Oil - Honey - Vanilla

8. Pizza Crust - Bob's Red Mill

Paleo Flour - Real Salt * - Baking Soda - Eggs - Olive Oil - Water

9. Cookies - Bob's Red Mill

Paleo Flour - Coconut Sugar * - Baking Soda - Real Salt * - Coconut Oil - Egg - Vanilla - Dried Cherries - Dark Chocolate Chips *

Bob's red mill has a few more recipes that I think you'll also like. You might want to try these Brownies or maybe you'd rather have cake. Here are a couple of cake recipes you might like to try that are also made with Paleo flour. This a regular Cake recipe and here is a Carrot Cake recipe with Coconut Frosting. I hope you enjoy them.

The 9 Best Paleo Flour Recipes Plus a Paleo Baking Flour Blend (2024)


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