Wizard101 School Comparison: Which One is Best for You? (2024)

Are you new and considering playing wizard101, but unsure which school fits your personality?
Or are you thinking about creating a new character, but indecisive about which school would be fun for you? wizard101 best school for you?
Find out more in this guide as I will be explaining each school individually in wizard101 and highlighting their pros, cons, playstyles, and perks!

Introduction to wizard101schools

There are a total of 7 schools in Wizard101: Fire, Ice, Life, Death, Myth, Storm, and Balance. Choosing a school can be difficult especially if you are new. The quiz that you do at the beginning, DO NOT accurately reflect your personality or playstyle. Upon completion of this guide, you will have a better understating of each school and should be able to easily choose the school that best reflects YOU.


Storm is arguably the most popular school in Wizard 101. Everywhere you go, you will always see a storm wizard.
Storm is well known for being a ‘Glass Cannon’. Storm is also expected to be the ‘hitter’ or ‘hammer’ when doing dungeons which means that your team will expect you to be doing damage and killing the enemies.

Wizard101 School Comparison: Which One is Best for You? (8)
Highest base damage spellsLowest base Health
Highest damage outputLowest base accuracy
Highest CriticalLate mediocre healing spell

As mentioned earlier, the term ‘glass cannon’ mean a lot of firepower but little durability which exactly represents storm. Their damage output is Insane but their low health means you can die very easily.

Storm is a school that starts off rough, with their base spells having a 70% chance of casting you will fizzle a lot, coupled with your very low health means that you may die a few times early games. You also don’t get a healing spell late till level 75, with the exception of fairy which isn’t very useful later on. The spell is called healing current and it isn’t really that good but at level, you should be able to critical your heals. You may want to consider getting a life mastery amulet and spending training points in the life school for satyr so you wont die as much in fights in the early-mid game.

Long – drawn out fights are usually a storm’s weakness, as the fight keeps going on your health will be chipped away very quickly and storm gear usually gives little resist. You usually want to end fights really quickly by blading up and hitting or having another wizard back you up such as a life to heal you or a balance to buff your attacks.

Storm is also unique in the sense that they specialize in debuffing – removing blades and damage reducers.

Once you get decent stats on a storm – going into the mid-game, this school really shines. Your damage output is phenomenal and you can also end fights quickly especially mob fights so you can quest and level up really fast. The fizzling would be a thing of the past, your health would be the only issue so remember to use shields!!!


Fire is also a very popular school and is compared to storm a lot, some would even say that it is storm, but better. Fire is expected to be a ‘hitter or hammer’ when doing dungeons due to also having a high damage output, but their damage output is gradual rather than instant such as storm.

Wizard101 School Comparison: Which One is Best for You? (9)
High base damage spellsLow base health
High damage outputLow base accuracy
High CriticalNo healing spells
Gradual/overtime damage

Fire in the early game is a little rough with low accuracy, their base spells have a 75% of casting so you may fizzle a few times and your health is fairly low. Your spells do good damage but they do damage overtime so you can risk dying before the spell does its full amount of damage. You also do not get a healing spell as fire, you have to rely on fairy and a hit and heal called ‘link’ and ‘power link’ which do not heal much so obtaining a life mastery and learning healing spells is advisable.

Fire is still a little rough into mid-game and even late-game due to not having any healing spells. Similarly to a storm you want to keep fights short. However, the gear for fire from the mid-game gives decent resist, and fizzling would be a thing of the past due to sufficient accuracy being given.

Fire is unique for their overtime damage spells that do moderate damage each round but adds up to do a lot over time, coupled with okay health and resist adding to their tackiness – this is the reason why some say “fire is a better storm”.


Ice isnt popular in the PVE aspect but it is in the PVP aspect of the game. Ice is usually in the top 3 best schools for PVP at any level for reasons that I will explain below. Ice is known as the “tank” school. Ice is expected to tank hits from the enemy and take aggro when doing dungeons and they do this really well.

Wizard101 School Comparison: Which One is Best for You? (10)
Highest health Low damage output
Best gear statsNo healing spells
Highest block ratingLow critical

Ice is weak early game in terms of their damage output, but this isn’t an issue since they have a lot of health so they won’t die as easily. This means that fights are a bit long and drawn out, with you chipping away at the enemy and tanking whatever they throw at you. Ice base spells have an 80% chance of casting which is pretty decent and you get access to tower shield early which is VERY useful throughout the entire game for ALL schools. they also get access to other shields that are very useful as well as hit and shield spells. Ice have the highest block rating in the game, unfortunately, block rating have never been viable and it is an ignored stat in the game.

Mid-game ice still struggles because they get their ice blade at level 38 and also, ice does not get any healing spells which may not necessarily be a big issue since you are a tank but sometimes cheating enemies can really hurt you and a heal may be required. Late game the gear you get gives you arguably the best stats in the game, where your damage is pretty good and you have A TON of health and resistance which makes ice very viable for PVP.

Ice is unique for their absorbing spells to further tank damage and also taking aggro by forcing the enemies to attack you, rather than your team- keeping them alive and the fight going. Ice is also well known for its stuns, to buy you an extra round!


Life is fairly popular and is known as the ‘healing’ school. Life is expected to keep the team alive and is very useful in long, tough dungeons. Your team would be at ease and won’t be looking at their HP and can focus on the enemy rather than wasting pips on healing themselves. Life is also good at PVP as you can out-heal hits from the enemy very easily which can be very annoying to deal with.

Wizard101 School Comparison: Which One is Best for You? (11)
Tons of healing spellsLowest damage output
High healthLow critical
Highest base accuracyNo early-game AOE spell

Life is the school with the lowest damage output in the game and contains tons of healing spells to keep you and your team alive. They have the highest base accuracy in the game with a 90% chance of casting; so fizzling is never an issue and also have high base health.

Life struggles early and mid-game SOLO as you are not given an AOE spell as compared to other schools – they get a rank 4 AOE spell early. You can potentially get a rank 4 AOE but you would need to spend crowns and/or farm coupled with having high luck. Not having an early game AOE means that fights would be longer than usual as you would need to individually deal with one enemy at a time. If you pair this with their low damage and less amount of damage spells, (because you would be getting healing spells), life can take a good while to quest and level up.

Life can be fun and laid back in dungeons as your team relies on you to keep them alive and your playstyle is very unique to just healing and playing support. Questing with a storm is a very strong duo as what you lack storm makeup and what storm lacks, you make up. In general, it is easier when coupled with other schools but playing solo might be a bit slow and difficult.

Life is unique to their wide range of healing spells, removing damage over time spells as well as spells that can even bring you back to life upon death.


Death is a popular school and is known as the “drain” school. ‘Drain’- meaning that their spells damage the enemy and heal yourself. Death is expected to weaken the enemy and play support but can also play hammer if needed. Death is the best school to solo and also the easiest for beginners.

Wizard101 School Comparison: Which One is Best for You? (12)
Healing and drain spellsNo early game AOE spell
Good accuracy
Ok health
Ok damage

Death is a pretty all rounded school; does pretty well early, mid and late game. Their accuracy is pretty good having an 85% chance of casting, decent health, damage and stats. Death is the easiest solo school due to their drain spells. These drain spells usually does a bit less damage than a normal spell, but half of the damage you deal is converted to health. Because of this, it is very easy for you to stay alive and dish out damage whilst also being healed in the process. Their AOE drain spells are overpowered as you can usually always go back to being full health after hitting. This make death the easiest beginner school and the easiest solo school in the game.

The only downfall of death is that you are not given an AOE till level 48 but there are ways for you to obtain lower rank AOE spells such as deer knight or ship of fools.

Healing yourself is never an issue with your drain spells, but what about healing your friends if needed? Death also do get a unique healing spell called sacrifice, which enables you to take some damage to heal a player or yourself.

Death, apart from their drain spells, is also unique to these ‘self damaging’ spells that further aid you in combat. Some of these spells allows you to inflict damage on yourself in order to: gain blades, pips, de-buff the enemy or even heal! Because of this death is very versatile and their gameplay is unique.


Myth is definitely the least popular school in the game in terms of PVE but somewhat popular in the PVP aspect. They are known as the “minion” school. As the name suggests, myth summons various minions to fight for them. Myth is in a weird spot when it comes to what your team is expected of you. In team fights you cant summon minions so myth would be a hammer by default since they cannot really support. Myth would also best be played solo.

Wizard101 School Comparison: Which One is Best for You? (13)
Useful minion spellsNo healing spells
Ok health
Ok damage

Myth is a pretty weird school. They have a 80% chance of casting spells which is pretty ok, they also have pretty ok health and stats in general- nothing too special. They don’t really struggle nor strive too much throughout the game, however, healing would be an issue since you do not get a healing spell, except spells where you can sacrifice your minion for health or steal health from your minion. A good strategy is summoning your 0 pip minion then sacrifice him for health or other buffs. Do note that if you choose to play myth, there is a secret trainer in Krokotopia that have tons of minion utility spells that you can obtain for free. It is located above the secret shop.

Myth revolves around your minions, you will be given countless minions and they can be useful because you also get utility spells that aid your minion or even aid yourself by sacrificing your minion as mentioned earlier. This playstyle is very unique because you can come up with many different strategies; as with the strategy I mentioned about sacrificing your 0 pip minion for health.

Myth is unique as the school that have double hit spells, 2 round stuns spells as well as shield removal spells. All these utility spells are very useful in PVP so many different strategies can be utilized- making them popular in the PVP aspect.


Balance is also not a very popular school in the PVE aspect but is popular, or used to be, very popular in the PVP aspect. They are known as the blade or buff school because of a spell that gives 3 blades to the elemental and the flip side, 3 blades to the spiritual school. In team fights, you are expected to blade/buff your hitter and also provide support if healing and shields are needed.

Wizard101 School Comparison: Which One is Best for You? (14)

Balance is a pretty “balance” school, you get a lot of utility spells to debuff, make the enemy fizzle, blade and traps that work on any school, healing spells, spells to donate pips, burn pips etc. Balance is the ultimate support class when it comes to buffs and debuffs and this makes them very versatile in PVP. They also have very good accuracy with a 85% chance of casting.

Balance is an all rounded school but struggles against other balance enemies since there is no convert prism spell for balance. So you are opted to use your hits that do elemental or spiritual damage spells. Early in the game you only get elemental hits, and your AOE is balance damage so if you are facing 2 balance enemies you will have to single them out with your elemental AOE spell. You also do get very high health, only second to ice.

Balance is special because there isn’t a specific set shield for them, the only way is to use a universal shield which is a tower shield -50 or -55 tower shield treasure card. They are also the only school that has a universal blade that works on any school.

High healthLow damage
Many utility spellsBalance enemies can be a problem
Healing spells

In conclusion, I have listed and explained the uniqueness of each school; how they are expected/ meant to be played in their respective roles, and their pros and cons so now you can choose which one is best suited for you!

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Wizard101 School Comparison: Which One is Best for You? (2024)


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